What size dog boots do most Texas bird dogs need?

Last year I purchased dog boots in anticipation of a trip to south TX. I thought I did everything right (ordering to installation) but found that I was having to re-fit and tape.  In fact my dog threw one of the boots. Could they be too big?  I ordered the large 4.  The dog’s foot does not fill the boot.

Most bird dogs need either Mediums or Large boots.  I prefer them to be a little bigger than too tight.

I use duct tape on mine. First I wrap one piece around the dogs leg sticky side out and make a loose ring around the dogs ankle.
I place it so 75% of the tape will be  inside the boot and 25% is above the boot.  I want this ring to be loose enough that it can spin.

I then put the boot on the dog.  I make sure the inside of the boot sticks to the tape.

Next  wrap one piece around the outside of the boot so that 75% is on the boot and 25% is above the boot stuck to the sticky side of the first piece of tape.  I make sure this piece is on as tight as possible.

This method works pretty well for me.  I do find that if I get in a hurry taping boots, I tend to throw one from time to time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  We do appreciate your business.


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