Texas Blue Quail Roost Pile

Quail Roost Pile - Midland, Texas 2008
Quail Roost Pile - Midland, Texas 2008

If you keep your eyes open while you Quail hunt, you can see the roost piles that show where the coveys sleep.  Quail roost in a circle with there heads pointed out.  This allows them a 360 degree view of any on coming predators.  If one bird flushes, the whole covey goes.

What has always amazed me is how they roost in as little cover as possible, sometimes even on bare ground. – Steve

Upgrade Your Old G2 sytem with Tri-Tronics G3 Replacement Transmitters


After 10 years of pushing, you can now buy a replacement transmitter for your Tri-Tronics system.  This allows folks to upgrade an older G2 or G2 EXP system to a G3 unit or you can even go from a 1/2 mile G3 Sport Basic to a G3 Pro 500 and use the same collar.  This will save you a few bucks. – Steve

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Tri-Tronics Replacement Transmitters allow you to replace your broken or lost Tri-Tronics transmitter, upgrade your system, or mix and match to build your own Custom Tri-Tronics System! You can combine any of the G3 Tri-Tronics Field, Pro, Sport, or Junior transmitters with any combination of G3 “Standard” Receiver Collars or G3 Sport Junior Collars.

PLEASE NOTE: These transmitters can be used to replace an existing or lost transmitter. They will NOT function as a second transmitter with your system. If you need two matching transmitters please give us a call at 1-800-624-6378 to arrange to have two matching transmitters custom built. You must purchase both transmitters at the same ti

Introducing Your Pointing Dog Puppy to Birds

One of the most important things to get done early with a pointing dog is the introduction to birds.  I prefer to use pigeons.   They have a strong smell and are easy to see.  They will also stand their ground a little, so the pup has a chance to get close.

I really don’t care what the pup does the first time he sees or smells his first bird.  It’s nice if they are interested and do some flash pointing, but it isn’t really an indicator of the dogs potential.

What’s really fun is seeing your pup the second or third time he sees a pigeon and his fire is lit.

Brandy pointing a pigeon at 4 months
Brandy pointing a pigeon at 4 months