Email Question – How Many Dogs Can You Track with the Garmin Astro?

I recently spoke to a distributor with intent to purchase the Garmin Astroand he told me that my hunting party could only use (1) hand help gps unit to track up to 10 different dogs.  This concerns me.  I wanted the ability for all 4 of my hunting buddies to be able to track all of the dogs.  Was the distributor telling the truth????
 M. S.


Thanks for contacting Gun Dog Supply.  The Astro handheld can track up to 10 dogs.  If you and your guys are only running 10 dogs at one time, you can all track each others dogs.  You can use an unlimited number of Handheld Astro Receivers to track these dogs. 

The Astro DC 30 Collar is like a small radio station.  As long as you know the channel it is broadcasting on and you are in range, you can pick it up.

If you run more than 10 dogs you would not be able to track them all at one time from the same unit.

If you run less than 10 dogs, you can all track from your hand held and still have room to add more dogs at any time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  We do appreciate your business.


Steve Snell
Gun Dog Supply –