How I Put Lewis Dog Boots on my Bird Dogs

Dog boots can be a really important piece of gear to carry with you in the field.  They are especially important if you travel to hunt.  I have seen places that you could hunt without boots one year and then turn around the next year and the exact same spot is so full of sand spurs that it shuts down even the toughest of bird dogs.  Many trips have been ruined because hunters didn’t carry the right gear to protect their dogs feet.

We have used the Lewis Vented Dog Boots for years in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and the Dakotas on our bird dogs.

They are perfect for protecting your dog’s feet from sand burrs, rocks, sand burn, and gravel.  They can also be used to protect and injured foot or sore pad.  I have been able to hunt with a dog that had torn pads before by putting their boots on.  It makes a big difference.

The Lewis boots are made of tire tread rubber with a tread on the sole for increased traction.

The Lewis boots  are one of my favorite choices of dogs boots because

they hold up really well especially in sandy conditions.

Make sure you measure correctly.  I would prefer the boots to be a little big than too small.

They aren’t easy to put on or take off.

First cut the back tab of the front boots so it sits below his carpal pad.  You do not need to cut the back boots.

We keep them on the feet with duct tape.  It is very important to  use high quality duct tape only.  This is not a product you want to go cheap on.

I use pieces that are around 6 or 7 inches long depending on the size of the dog.

We put a band of tape around the dogs ankle sticky side out.  This tape sticks to the inside of the boot.  Place it so 75% of the tape will be inside the boot and 25% will be above the boot.

Then put the boot on the dog.

Next  wrap one piece around the outside of the boot so that 75% is on the boot and 25% is above the boot stuck to the sticky side of the first piece of tape.

dog boot7

dog boot8

dog bootstall1

dog bootstall2

We haven’t found a dog boot yet that will turn prickly pear cactus needles. We have added several layers of duct tape around each nylon or

rubber dog boot while hunting in prickly pear country.  It’s amazing what cactus spines can go through.

These boots will stop all of the sand spurs.  Most dogs have to learn to avoid the cactus.

At the end of the day I carefully cut the tape at the side seam with a pair of scissors.  I cut both the inner piece of tape and the out piece of tape at the same time.  The  boot will easily pop right off the foot now.

Under no circumstances should you leave boots on your dog over night.  It’s very important t check your dogs feet for any rubbing from the boot or from any damage that the boot may have covered up in the field.  Cactus can go through the boot and break off where you can’t see it inside the boot.

Dogs “sweat”out of their feet and it’s important that they have plenty of air on their feet.

After you have checked the dog, remove all the tape from the boots.

The last thing to do is carefully check the inside of the boot for any hidden pieces of cactus.  Go real slow.  It hurts if you find one the hard way. – Steve