New Garmin Alpha GPS Collar + E-Collar (Tri-tronics)

The original Garmin Alpha: both a dog training collar AND a dog tracking collar…


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When Garmin bought the Tri-tronics dog training collar company, we knew a GPS + Ecollar was in the works, we just didn’t know when. Now announcing the state-of-the-art Garmin Alpha. You can track and train your dog on the same screen from a single hand held unit. You can track your friends’ handhelds, know when your dog is out of gun range, see your dog is running too big before he gets too far and more. The Garmin Alpha is expandable up to 20 dog and uses a touch screen instead of multi-dog toggle switches. Each dogs’ setting are customizable and easily accessible. There is a rescue mode and longer battery life to ensure no more lost dogs and a 2.5 second update rate means you’ll know twice as fast when your dog is in birds or treeing prey.