Day 4 – South Dakota

Wildlife in the am

We left before sun up and headed about 50 miles north. Our goal was to find a higher number of pheasants for the younger dogs.

It’s hard to explain the leg up you can give a young dog by dropping them smack dab in the middle of dozens and dozens of wild birds. You just can’t get this kind of experience in many parts of the country.

On the drive up we got to see a wide range of wildlife. We saw pheasants, sharptails, whitetail deer, mule deer, coyotes and raccoons.

It was a cool, clear morning. We would be able to get everyone worked before it heated up.

We ran a couple of young dogs that needed some bird contacts. We flushed around 100 birds and made a real difference in both dogs.

We ran multiple braces and put up birds on every round. Sage had two nice points and Stud had a nice find on two pheasants.

We ran Richard again but he didn’t find any birds. He is a bit behind because he isn’t in hunting shape yet.

We ran Brandy off horseback. She had never been around a horse so it took a bit for her to get comfortable. The
Funseeker’s Rebel pup that Dan was running helped her range out a good bit. She didn’t find any birds but she ran well and kept up with me for the most part.

Day 3 – South Dakota

Friday 8/28

We finally got a really cool, cloudy morning. Unfortunately, we also had a 20 mph wind. I’ll take that over the heat.

We ran Cash and Merle first. I was much happier with how they both ran compared to the first day. Both dogs handled well and covered the ground. They were working together well.

We made a big loop in a large CRP field. Merle busted open a flock of 10 sharptails and both dogs chased as far as they could. I expect we will see some nice bird work out of these two soon.

We ran several of Dan’s dogs next with similar results. We were not finding a bunch of birds, but we were seeing birds every round. The scenting conditions were not the best.

We ran Sage. He handled well but had no finds.

We had a real nice showing on a Calico’s Thrillogy female.

We also had a nice brace with Click and Will – a Wipporwill Wild Agin pup.

We got them into a nice flock that stayed on the property after the first flush. We worked these birds a couple of times.

During one of the braces, I was running one of Dan’s dogs and I had an equipment issue. The dog I was running was going the wrong way so I went to turn her with my SportDOG 1825. I got no reaction. I raised the level multiple times until I was at the top but she would not turn.

We galloped the horses toward her and finally got her going the correct way.

I got off my horse to check the collar and see why she didn’t feel it. The collar was not turned on.

Before we ran this brace I was showing some of the features on the SD 1825 to Dan and I had turned the collar off. I neglected to turn it back on when I put it on the dog.

Back at the office, we call that “operator error.”

Always check your ecollar before you put it on your dog to make sure it is on and that the transmitter and the collar are matched up.

After that the sun came out and it got bad hot again.

Time to head back in and wait for cooler weather.

Around 6 pm the clouds came back and the cooler air came in.

I roaded Em 1 1/2 miles. She is getting stronger every day.

Around 7 we took Brandy out and found a few groups of young pheasants getting gravel on the road side. She got to chase a few as they flushed. It really lit her fire.

Day 2 South Dakota part 2

Went into town to use the web connection at the local library. Only have 859 emails to dig through.

Bought gas, ice and bread. Came back to the house and took a quick nap.

Around 5:30 I ran Boo and Brandy together. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.

Boo had no interest in her but Brandy kept at her for a bit. After a few minutes she went back to hunting.

Both dogs ran well and turned with me. I am real pleased with how they are both handling.

Brandy made a real wide cast and then started running away at a good clip. It took me a second to see the jack rabbit she was chasing.

I tried to turn her but it didn’t work out. My Garmin Astro showed her at 750 yards.

Boo and I went toward her and finally got her to turn back in our direction. She came in and hunted with us the rest of the way back to the truck.

Roaded Em for 1 mile. She’s pretty mad that she has to stay in the truck while other dogs get to hunt.

We drove out to check a few spots for tomorrow. We saw a good many birds getting gravel on the back roads.

I also saw my first badger. I tried to get a picture but he ran back in a hole before I could get him in focus.

Day 1 south Dakota

Wednesday, August 26th

We started our morning at 6am. Breakfast, then I exercised my dogs while Dan loaded his dogs and horses.

We drove about 20 minutes to a CRP section that was surrounded with Alfalfa.

We saddled the horses and turned out Merle. He ran a good race and handled much better than he has for us. He ran into a nice flock of chickens at the end and chased them as far as he could.

Next we ran Cash. He also ran well and handled. I am really pleased with his progress. He is going to turn out.

We ran Click after that with one of Dan’s dogs. Click’s brace mate won it hands down, but Click had a real nice find in the end. Not bad for his first real work in 6 months.

Dan ran a real nice dog out of Funseeker’s Rebel named Jim. He had at least 3 or 4 nice finds and was real solid on his birds.

Next we ran Sage. He put on quite the show. Five or six very solid pieces of bird work.

We ran Wizard next. He ran really well. I look forward to seeing him later in the season.

Stud had a good run and stayed in range he handled well and had one nice find. Ran with a dog of Wls that looked good.

It was starting to warm up but some clouds rolled in and we worked Richard. He ran well but was a little too interested in the other dog.

Dan ran a really nice female named Whippoorwill’s Wild Thang. She is going to make a really nice dog. She’s super tough and classy.

Headed back in for lunch and a quick nap. I’ll run Brandy after it cools down.

Had a good nap.

Ran Brandy. She did well and kept up with me. She took off a few times but came back after a bit. She started making a few good casts.

Ran Boo. She started out real sticky from the remote collar on her flank. After a few times of dragging her forward, she started to run.

We hit a water tank that had a bunch of dove. She chased them and started to hunt.

She turned with me and handled very well. I think we can make some progress with her this fall.

I took Em on a one mile walk in the roading harness. She is recovering well from her TPLO surgery.

I am real sore from 6 hours of riding horses.  I need to do it more often to keep that from happening.

Em in a Roading Harness
Rattlesnake Proof Boots
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