Quail House Plans Thwarted By Predator Possum…..Film at 11



predator lurks.JPG

A few weeks back my oldest son, Sam, found me and said we had a problem in our Johnny House.  A Johnny House is where our pen raised quail live.

It’s designed so we can release a few and turn our young dogs out for some bird dog training.  After we are done the birds will “recall” back to the house to be with the rest of the covey.  The birds reenter the house through a quail funnel.

The problem with a normal quail funnel is that other critters can come in also.  To keep this from happening, you can have a unit that has a has a door or you can get the Predator Proof Funnel by Quail Restoration Technologies.

I use the Predator Proof Funnel.  It’s expensive, but it works really well.  The quail funnel is on springs.  The idea behind it is that if anything that weighs more than a quail tries to climb up in the funnel, the funnel lowers into a box and blocks the critter from entering your Quail house.

So….how did Mr. Possum get into my Johnny House?  Well, I screwed up.

I use sand in the bottom of my Johnny House.  It works really well for collecting the droppings and drying them out.  It make clean up pretty easy.  The issue is that I let a bunch of sand build up around the bottom of the funnel.  The sand blocked the funnels ability to lower when the possum climbed up.


The PPF also comes with a door that you can slide in place when you are not using your birds.  I neglected to put it in place.

It was midsummer and I had very few birds left in the house, but there was no reason for it to happen.  Keeping your gear clean and functioning is always the best way to go.  I won’t let it happen again.

Getting Mr. Possum out of my pen was a bit of an adventure also.  He really didn’t want to go, but we convinced him that it was the best thing for him to do.

– Steve