GPS Dog Tracking Collars

Learning to Track with your GPS System

Learning to track a dog with any of the GPS systems that we sell is easy to do but learning how your system works while hunting or with the system on a moving dog is a bad idea.

The easiest way to learn how to track is to leave the collar at your house and drive away from it. That way you know exactly where it is and it’s stationary.

This also allows you the time to select the best screens and options for you to use with your new tracking system.

Using this method allows you the opportunity to see exactly how the system tracks and how the features work without some of the issues you are going to see with a running dog.

Once you are comfortable with the tracking features when the collar isn’t moving, you can move on to tracking something that moves but a dog isn’t always the best idea. I like to give the collar to one of my kids and give them a general idea of where I want them to go but not be so specific that I know exactly where they will be. If things go sideways or I get confused with what my system is showing, I can call them on their cell phone and see what’s going on.

Once you fully understand all the features of your new tracking system, you can then start tracking your dogs.

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