Using the Pro Bark collar as your ecollar back up

The Garmin Pro Bark collar is the regular Pro PT 10 training collar but you just put it in “Bark Mode” and it works as a stand alone bark collar.

This set up is the most expensive bark collar we sell but i prefer it for a couple of reasons.

For folks that have dogs that need to wear a bark collar on a regular basis, the Pro Bark comes with the “Extended Wear” plastic probes. These are perfect for dogs that get neck irritation from wearing a bark collar daily. I have found that these probes virtually eliminate pressure necrosis on even the most sensitive dogs that need a collar everyday.

The other reason that I use it as my bark collar is that it allows me to have a “back up” remote training collar system without carrying extra gear especially when I am traveling with my dogs. I also want to have bark collars with me when I’m staying at hotels with my dogs.

I use a Pro 550 3 dog as my back up ecollar system. The 3 collars double as bark collars. This way I have both if needed and the collars get used regularly which is better for the batteries.

You can do the same thing using the Sport Pro system and the Sport transmitter allows you the option to program the Bark collar to direct set levels. If you use the Pro 550, your bark collars can only be set in the rising stimulation mode.

If you already have a Pro system and want to add the “extended wear” probes click here

An additional advantage for me using my 550 as my back up ecollar system / Pro Bark collars is that the Garmin Pro Bark uses the same chargers as the Garmin Alpha TT15 mini collars so I can carry less chargers for all my gear. It’s win, win, win!

The Garmin Pro Bark has these advantages over other bark collars but the options and combinations can be a bit confusing. If you are not sure which bark collar set up is better for your needs, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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